Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Ritech 3d glasses, dioptres upgrade

I bought this 3d glasses on Ebay for 17 Euro

I wear glasses, and I cannot wear them together with the Ritech.
Without my glasses the picture is blurry :(

So I had a wired Idear...

I tried it with 2 close up lenses with +8 and 52mm diameter,
normally used for DSLR's

I fixed them inside with hot glue


               -I have now a sharp Picture
               -The picture is now min. 2,5x bigger than before, which is a nice side effect :)


               -I am the only person which can now use these glasses.

Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Disketten Bild

Hun eng aal 5 1/4 Zoll Diskette fond.
Wollt se awer net weggeheien.

Also eng Schwedesch Billerrumm

Auserneen geholl

En Steck Karton fest gepescht

Aus enger Verpackung den Karton geholl, fir Wenkel ze machen

Matt Waarmen Pesch festgemmet

Diskette drop gepescht

An Färdeg...

Passt gutt bei Familienfotoen :)