Freitag, 26. September 2014

Annoying Last Xmas Picture Frame

I've build this to make people in my office happy :)

The idea is to built something like this "days without accident" panels.
Each time somebody will push the button, the counter resets and Last Xmas will play.

This is how it should look like

And here is the result

I took one of this IKEA 3D Frames and took it apart

A 4mm Plexiglas panel and a DinA4 self adhesive paper,
with printed Text on it

I used the toner thermotransfer methode to make the PCB's

 I made 2 PCB's. One for the counter electronic with the CPU, and one for the MP3
module WTV020-SD-16P and the amplifier
The counter increments each 24h.

A piece of red plastic foil for the display and a piece of Mosquito cover for the speaker (with a few test holes :) )

All fixed inside

The counter reset button

Finished Frame

And finally installed in the Office :)