Montag, 29. April 2013

DOF Adapter

I build this adapter 4 years ago.

The 35 mm adapter consists of a junction box painted black. On a black PVC plate a Nikon focusing screen.

The Pancake motor from an old Pager


Pvc panel with Nikon "Type D" focusing screen.
Ower the four threaded rods I can set the distance between the Ground Glass and the optics.
And the pancake motor for vibrating.

Image on the focusing screen

I used two aluminium tubes with 12mm diameter and +- 50cm length
I fixed the tube clamps on a PVC board but you could use wood too.
The hole on the left is for fixing the camera

The Matte Box

The Set for my Test movie

The Test Movie

Montag, 22. April 2013

Window Shutter

This time no use of electronic, but a pure wood project.
My sons Room is at the SW side of the house and so in the evening he could get no sleep and in the morning is awake at 6:00 (on Saturday an Sunday ... arg.)

I checked-up the prices for window shutters +- 300 Euro without the wood treatment and color (shock) so I decided to do it on my own.

Phase 1, get the materials:

Wood :)
Screws and Glue
Wood treatment and color

Let's go,

Glue the Wood Parts and press them together.

 Clean up the glue before its hard ;)

Take measurements and cut it


First part of wood pretreatment

The finished Z construction

Block the window shutter to see if everything fits


Not so bad?

Let's colorize



Dienstag, 16. April 2013

3d TV on a China Tablet

I used this 4mm hard foam plates

Build a box and do not forget a space for your nose ;)

I used 2 Lenses 52mm +8 Dioptrie used in photography

A piece in the middle to separate left and right

I attached Ski Goggles with duct tape on the box construction

Use a 3d movie in split screen mode on the 7 inch china tablet

Slide it in and enjoy 3D ;)